We found a Warehouse!!

Good News! We were able to secure a business to have socks delivered to! Big thanks goes out to Bob at West Coast Appliance Installation. They specialize in the installation of major appliances, and cleared some space in their warehouse for us! I am so grateful! Thanks to all who responded and reached out it means a lot! Socks are coming in already but keep them coming, our goal is HUUUUUGE this year, but I know we will meet it easily. Be looking for a video out next week announcing our goal for 2017 and a couple of cool stories that have taken place this year, it's already been a very moving couple of weeks.

Our address has been updated on the website so to see where to send socks this year you can go to http://socked.org/mail/

Stay Tuned! 

It's already been 6 Months....

since we gave over 5,000 pairs of socks to the homeless in Orange County, and people are already starting to collect socks for next year. Here is a story from my friend Vickie, I got her permission to share an experience she had in a store.

From Vickie..... 

I have a story to share with you!

There is a store right around the corner from our house that is going out of business, unfortunately. I walked over today to see what they had available. I was thrilled to walk in and find...socks! Lots and lots of socks! I just kept grabbing them, knowing they will make a homeless persons feet warm and happy. As I was at the checkout I shared with the owners that I was buying so many socks because they are going to the homeless. Well, a lady in the store (I wish I got her name, we will call her Angel) overheard me sharing this and came up to me. She said that she has been wanting to find a way to help the homeless, but didn't have an avenue to do so. She asked that I allow her to pay for the socks! She said that God has blessed her abundantly and felt honored that she could help out in this way. I was so overwhelmed! I told her that I also had some of my own things mixed in with the socks and would pay for that. Our total came to 87.00. She paid $80 of it and allowed me to pay such a small amount even though I probably had $20 of my own things in the basket. 

I am so overwhelmed and thankful for how God works and shows His love all the time. 

So, I have 192 pairs of socks for you! Thank you for your sock ministry and allowing us to be a part of it. Oh yeah, they had a couple of packages of men's boxers too, so I picked those up as well. 

Isn't that cool?! It is so exciting for me to watch you all participate in a vision and passion of mine. And so it begins!! we already have 192 pairs of sock to get us started off this year. I haven't decided on a goal yet, but that will be coming shortly. So as you are out shopping throw a bag of socks in the basket for the homeless, you will be hearing more from me as the year goes on, till then have a great rest of your summer! 

Some exciting news!

Well it has been a few weeks since you've heard from me, miss me? I thought so! Even though I have been quiet there has been a lot of activity over here at SOCKED. Over the last couple weeks donations and socks continue to come in, a total of 330 socks to be exact. Last we spoke our total was at 4,678 socks, with the additional 330 socks it brings us to a grand total of

5,008 pairs of socks!! How freaking awesome is THAT?!

Last week Mary's Kitchen called me to thank us again for the socks we brought. They said they wished we could see the look on the peoples faces that get them. She said they are SO GRATEFUL to be able to have a fresh clean pair of socks. She said they still had a little left from the first delivery and they were very grateful. Then I told her well, we have about 2,000 more pairs coming, and she was SO EXCITED! 

So next week I will be heading over there again to deliver the last of the socks that we have collected. I am arranging with her to be able to actually pass them out again while I am there so that I can pour some love on the people that will be receiving them as well. 

Once again thank you for all you did to help me reach my goal of 5,000 socks. Because of you 2,500 homeless people in Orange County will have 2 new pairs of socks. I am so grateful! 

Surprise!!! MORE SOCKS!!!.... NEW TOTAL!

Sunday night my family threw me a surprise party at my favorite restaurant. I ate my favorite food, my friends made fun of me, we had some cake then we went home. So basically a normal day for me, lol. What was really cool is people brought, MORE SOCKS!! Also, in the last week we had received a few more boxes of socks as well, so yesterday after a family breakfast and before my extended family went home I suckered them into bagging all the socks we got the night before, which gives us a new count! Yesterday we bagged 277 pairs of socks bringing our total to 4,678 socks which gets us closer to the goal of 5,000! The good news is, last night my mom sent me a text telling me there were more socks that got delivered yesterday! So the count continues to climb. 

 Last week we got another awesome surprise!  Gloria (with Marys Kitchen) had told us that hygiene kits were something that was needed very badly as well, and then "out of the blue" supplies for over 30 hygiene kits showed up with a sock delivery, so we put those together yesterday and are including them in our second delivery we will be making this week. 

I will keep you posted on any changing totals as they come in. Thank you again for all your support! 

Drum Roll Please...

 Over the last few days the socks have continued to come in,  So last night we decided to get together and bag the socks that have come in this week. I think we are at the tail end but still have a few more coming in and will wrap those in as they come. 

I know you have been waiting for the totals, and so have I, so here they are. as of last night having bagged every pair of socks we have received this year we collected a grand total of

4,401 Pairs of socks!!!!!   WOOO-HOOO!!!!! 

This year we MORE THAN DOUBLED the amount of socks we collected over last year. I am so proud and grateful for the success we had this year!   

This has been an amazing few months for me. There are so many people to thank for the different ways you participated from donating socks, sharing our story with your family and friends, donating the bags, helping me deliver the socks, creation of our logos and artwork to many many things that I know I did even or know about. I have loved watching this project grow this year and it has been so fun meeting new people at our bagging parties and through Facebook along the way. All of this was possible because of your willingness to say yes, so THANK YOU for all of this! 

I would like to specifically thank 2 people, and that would be my parents. They were kind enough to deal with receiving boxes and bags on their door step every day, and letting me take over their whole garage for the last 3 months while we did this project. I am so grateful for them and their willingness to endure all the craziness. 

As the few more pairs trickle in I will keep you posted on any changing numbers. Thank you again for everything this year, and for loving on people in need, I am extremely grateful! 

Sock Delivery... Number 1

Warning - Long Blog Post Ahead. 

Today is my Birthday!!! Woohoo!! Today has been just AWESOME! I started the morning by waking up at 7am (not awesome) and getting things done around the house. Around 8am I called Marys KItchen to let them know I had a donation that I would like to drop off to them today. The lady was excited and said "What will you be bringing?" "Socks" I said, "Oh socks we can use those!" she replied. I said "I will be brining about 3,000 pairs" "THREE THOUSAND?!" I hear on the other end of the line in an excited voice. "How did you do that?" I told her the story of our project and she said "Well that is very interesting, come by after our lunch rush at 1:30 and be sure to ask for Jan" 

 Later that  morning I went to go pick up some socks from a group of ladies who had come together in their BIble Study to collect socks for our Sock-A-Thon, together they collected over 300 pairs. (Mind BLOWN) Then I went and grabbed my dads truck and met up with my friend Carol who was going with me to deliver the socks. We had so many that I took my Landlord Dave up on his offer to help me deliver them with his truck too. I told you I had the coolest Landlord ever! 

The Delivery Wagons

The Delivery Wagons

When we got there they were still serving lunch to a lot of people. I walked up and asked for Jan, we met and I introduced myself. She grabbed both of my hands and said, "Thank you so much for what you did, you have no idea how much it means to us and to these people" Just about that time Gloria walked out, she is the sweet young lady I worked with when I dropped of the donation last year. She said "I knew it was you!" "We have been talking about these socks all morning and as soon as I heard the story I knew it was you!" Then she gave me a big hug. "How many do you have?" "A little over 3,000, we have 2 truck loads" "Are they in boxes?" "Yes they are", I said. "And 2 pairs in every bag?" "Yes, ma'am just like last year and we put the note in there too" she got an endearing look on her face and just gave me a big smile. We looked around their facility to find a place to put all the boxes and we could tell there was going to be a challenge storing them all. Gloria said, "Well we don't normally hand stuff out till Thursday but would it be ok if we handed some out today?" I said "Absolutely, I would LOVE that!" This year I had been wanting to make a more personal connection with those that we donated socks to and this was the perfect opportunity, I was so excited! 

Me and Gloria

Me and Gloria

Me, Gloria, and Carol

Me, Gloria, and Carol

Me, Gloria, Dave

Me, Gloria, Dave

We unloaded some boxes from the truck and brought them over, Gloria got the attention of the crowd and made them be quiet, and they listen to her, after all she is the one with the food! She introduced me, told them about our project and invited them to come get a bag of socks. Well she didn't need to tell them twice! There was a steady stream of beautiful, grateful, men and women taking a bag of socks. When I started offering them 2 bags each, their faces lit up and they said, "we can have 2 bags?" I told them "I would love for you to have 2 bags" The stream of people lasted a good 15-20 minutes and we went through about 3 boxes of socks. One lady named Una came up to me and said, "What are you giving?" "new socks, would you like some?" She got a huge smile on her face and said "New Socks?!! Those would be perfect" I told her to pick out any bag she would like, she said "oh no, I couldn't do that I would be to greedy." I said "Una, I would love for you to have any bag of socks you would like, please take the ones you would love." She asked me if I would help her "shop" and I said yes. She picked up 2 bags and then put one back, I said "would you like them both?"  she said Am I allowed to? I handed her the second bag and she got a huge Kool-Aid smile and said Thank You.  

Passing out socks!

Passing out socks!

Giving Una her socks!

Giving Una her socks!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the coolest Landlord on the face of the earth. But you can call him Dave. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the coolest Landlord on the face of the earth. But you can call him Dave. 

As we were passing out socks the workers were coming up to me and asking about our story. and were so pleasantly surprised when I told them about our project. Here were some of their FAQ:

"Did you buy all these socks?"

"No, my friends, family, and their friends and family all bought these socks and sent them to me and we bagged them and brought them to you"

"Did you make this logo, for us?"

"Yes, we made these notes for you"

"You even have a website?"

"Yes, we do you can go there and read all about our story and how the socks got here"

"This is just amazing", they would say. Please tell your friends and everyone who donated "THANK YOU!"

 As the crowd died down we loaded the rest of the boxes into the storage bins to be handed out on Thursday and Saturday. Gloria told me all of those socks will be gone on Saturday. I was SHOCKED! I thought these would last at least a couple months! I said well, the good news is I have another delivery coming next week. You see since we stopped bagging socks last night approximately another 1,000 pairs have come in and there are still more on the way! I don't have final numbers yet, but after our next bagging party (Which is Thursday if anyone is interested in helping) I will have a final tally. Till then we will all have to wait in suspense, including me. 

Gloria got really excited about the second shipment and said she couldn't wait to have us back! Later on in the afternoon when I got home I received an email from our website. It was from one of the ladies that had received a bag of socks, here was her email:

Name: Jennifer Ayres

Subject: Mary's Kitchen

:-) Thank you for your visit to Mary's Kitchen today.
It was ironic because this morning I had to throw away a pair of socks I love because of a hole in them. Then, you guys showed up and gave us new ones today. :-)
Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated!
Jennifer and Lorenzo

It was so amazing to be able to look the people in the eye that we were serving, shake their hands and pour love on them through a smile and a bag of socks. But I did not go there alone, I brought all of you and the love you shared with me, and I know they felt it, and in the end I feel like I am really the one that got the gift. 

This day has been incredible. It is better than I dreamed it up to be, and none of it could have happened without YOU. I am SO grateful for each one of you that has participated in this dream of mine. One of the things I love the most about this project is that it proves that when a bunch of people come together and do just a little bit, it can have a huge impact. 

Thank you again for your generosity, love, and support to love on those that need it and making this my best birthday, EVER!

Stay tuned for Delivery, part 2!  

Socks for my party

I am so honored to tell you the story of 5 year old Leilani. Her parents found out about my Sock- A-Thon through a mutual friend of ours. When the told Leilani about it she wanted to have her friends bring socks to her birthday party she was having in December and they did. Today I received in the mail her package of socks a long with a very cute drawing that she made for me. This really touched me and made me feel so honored that she chose to help support my project.  

Thank you Leilani! You're a sweetheart. Here is a pic of her and her socks, her invitation, and the package she sent me. 


Tonight we packaged the socks in bags with our note that was redesigned by my good friend, David Bjorgen. By then end of the night we had a total of 3,166 pairs of socks. When we got home another 266 pairs had been delivered to the house which brings our current total to 3,432 pairs of socks... AMAZING!! This however is not the FINAL total, I have received many emails and texts stating some are still coming in so we should have a final tally tomorrow. 

Here is a pic of the amazing team that helped put all the socks together tonight. 

Thank you again, for all you are doing, I am so grateful! 

Uncle Dave.....

This morning I was meeting someone at a Starbucks in the Orange Circle (Yes there are 2 in the same block) to purchase a new lens for my camera.  As I was waiting for the person to show up I noticed a homeless man sitting on the bench. We caught each others eye, and he said, "You taking pictures with that camera?" I said no, I am just meeting someone here, he said "You can take my picture" and we both chuckled. I walked over to the guy and introduced myself he told me his name was "Uncle Dave" As we shook hands I noticed he had a black eye and a cut on his head. I asked him what happened. He said that he had a seizure, blacked out and fell, he started having seizures a while a go and caused him to lose his job and become homeless. We talked for a few minutes and I asked him if he could use some socks, his face lit up and said YES! Thank you! I  went to my car and grabbed a 10 pack of socks out of my trunk and handed them to him. He was so grateful! I asked him what he used to do for work and he said he used to own a sign company, but a few years a go his brother was hanging a sign and the cable supporting him snapped, he fell and died after that he lost his company and things started going down hill. He said "I just have to get off the streets, its so rough out here." I did my best to encourage him and helped him get some food. We shook hands and he thanked me again for the help. 

What I loved today was the interaction and getting to pour love and encouragement on a guy who was clearly hurting, and to brighten his day with some socks and food. It just confirmed why we are doing this project. Uncle Dave, it's guys like this that we are helping. 

Today we received 411 more pairs of socks which brings the total to 2,294!! SO AWESOME! Almost half way there with 2 full days left. If you need me to pick up socks I can do that or you can still do 1 day shipping on Amazon. 

Thanks again for all you are doing! 


It's Raining Socks, Hallelujah its raining socks!

Holy boxes and bags of socks, Batman. You guys freakin ROCK! Just another quick note, to update you.! When I walked in the house there was just a pile of boxes and bags. Today at lunch a friend asked "What is this sock thing all about" so I told the table my story and 3 people decided to participate in the Sock - A - Thon! So Cool!! So today 406 pairs of new comfy warm socks showed up. That brings our total to 1,883, which means we have officially passed last years total!! Guys and Gals this is SO EXCITING!! I just know we are going to hit 5,000 pairs of socks by Tuesday!!

Dont forget about our packing party on Monday night. Click HERE for more info. 


Thanks again so much for all you are doing!!

Love you all! 

Lots of rain, lots of wet feet.

A quick update. Over the last couple days we have had 443 pairs of socks come in which puts us at a total of 1,477 pairs of socks so far! With all this rain socks are needed more than ever and the good news is we still 3 full days left to get them in, so place those Amazon orders today!  

Lots of cool stories coming in about how people have gathered socks, I will be sharing those in the days to come. If you have done something fun to collect your socks or have a group of people you worked with to collect some I would love to hear the story. Also if you want to snap a "selfie" of you and your socks or a fun pic of you and your amazon order and email it to me at socked.org@gmail.com

I have added a sock assembly party to the events page of the website. If you are interested in helping assemble these bags please click here for the info. 

I am also looking for some help on a more creative way to design the note we are putting in the bag this year. If you have any ideas, I am open to hearing them. 

Thanks again for all you are doing

Look at my socks....

The Amazon delivery guy is getting to know us VERY well, they make multiple trips per day to the house, its awesome. 

Over the holiday weekend the socks kept rolling in. Since our last update we have received 369 pairs of socks bringing the grand total to 1, 034 pairs!! . We are over 1/5th of the  away from my goal of 5k pairs of socks. This goal of 5,000 socks for me isn't about hitting a number, to me it represents how many lives we get to serve and show love to. IF you haven't done so yet, you still have 7 days to get them in via Amazon Prime, or Scott picks them up Prime, I'm ok with either one! :) 

Today I went to pay my rent. When I got there my landlord, Dave invited me in, as he always does, and I sat and chatted for a while with him and his wife. On my way out he said "Hey Scott I have some socks for you" he had read an email I sent out last week and decided to take part. (I seriously have the best landlords) "I also have a cool story," he continued, "I was at the Carls Jr the other day and was speaking to a homeless man, in our conversation he said, look at what I got" and the homeless man pulled up his pant legs, "I got these new socks, I got them from Marys Kitchen" the homeless man said. Dave said to the guy, "Are you kidding me? My friend donated a bunch of socks last year to Marys Kitchen and he's doing it again this year" The homeless man said, "Well make sure to tell them thank you, we really appreciate it"

 I couldn't help but tear up a little, hearing the story of how we affected the life of a man, and how grateful and excited he was for it, and none of it would be possible without YOU! 

Please continue to share this story and vision with your friends, family and strangers by directing them to this website! 

Thanks for all you're doing! 


10% MARK

Today we broke the 10% mark! Tuesday we received 170 pairs of socks which puts us at a total of 655 socks. Still a ways to go but I know we will make it to 5,000 pairs of socks. Today we also received 3,000 bags to put the socks in from someone who works closely with Uline and got an amazing deal so just decided to donate them. This was HUGE!! 

Thank you to everyone for sharing this website with people you know, I am starting to hear from people that I don't even know but are hearing about this project because you are telling them! Please continue to share and encourage people to get involved. I am so excited to reach our goal of 5,000 pairs of socks, because it represents the people that we will be helping and showing love to, 

Thanks again for all you're doing. Continue to check back for updates. 

I appreciate you! 

The total.... so far!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you had a great Christmas celebrating with your Family and Friends, I sure did. 

Over the last couple of days we have been getting lots of socks in so I decided to take an initial count and so far we are at 485 pairs of socks. This is a good start but only about 10% of the goal of 5,000 pairs. 

I have created this site to help get the info off of just Facebook and provide a one stop place where people can read about what we are doing. Please share this site with your friends and family. 

I am also checking to see how you can make a direct donation on this site and some of my helpers will go do the shopping for you, more updates on that soon! 

Thanks in advance for all your help and support... Looking forward to hitting that 5k mark with you!